Say hello to my little friend, CoSchedule.  CoSchedule has quickly become my number one tool for marketing planning and automation.

As a Business Systems Consultant, I’m always looking for more ways to integrate and automate tools within my business.  This tool has allowed me to next level my planning and automate my marketing as well as other functions.

Okay, let me start from the beginning.

What is CoSchedule?

CoSchedule is a marketing calendar on steroids.  You can schedule your blogs and social media posts, track email marketing campaigns, track analytics, integrate with your other favorite tools to manage projects, collaborate with team members and the list goes on….. I can literally manage all my marketing within WordPress.  Did I mention it integrates with WordPress?


In order to help you better understand how CoSchedule works and some of the advantages for solopreneurs, let’s discuss a couple of my favorite features.

Headline Analyzer – This tool is absolutely wonderful! Not only is it great for writing blog headings that drive traffic, search results and shares but I also use it for my email subject lines to improve open rates.

The Headline Analyzer will rate your headline and provide feedback based on word balance (types of words) word count, and character count.


ReQueue – With this feature, you don’t have to worry about gaps in your marketing plan.  ReQueue allows you to get the most out of your messages.  You can easily reuse messages that are performing well without recreating it from scratch.  Another feature of ReQueue is the ability to create groups which is extremely helpful. For instance, if I am promoting a challenge or offer, I can create a group and have the post continue to circulate for a specific period of time.

I can also create an evergreen group and messages.  This will allow me to promote weekly post for specific topics and days, like winning Wednesday.  I can have a post that is scheduled for every Wednesday, at a specific time on multiple platforms to promote winning Wednesdays.  This feature helps to streamline planning and save time!

Analytics – If you want to know how your posts are performing, you’ll need analytics and CoSchedule delivers. Their analytics are pretty detailed.  You can see the details of posts performance for a specific period of time.  These reports are great for planning.  You’ll gain insight as to the best day and time to post as well as the best message type to posts.

They’ve also included the top performing post for each platform.  With all this information, it’s easy to know how your posts are performing on each platform and where to invest your time.

Best Time Scheduling – Give your brain a break and let CoSchedule do the work.  I’ve been using this feature and it works like a charm.   I setup my post and select best time scheduling.  It then, determines the best time to schedule my post based on the day, social media platform and other posts I have scheduled for that day.  If I add a post for that day, it will recalculate the time. Ah-maz-ing!

As you can see, this is more than just a marketing calendar.  This is my go-to for marketing.  However, I could not end this blog without talking about the top notch integrations.  I’m not sure if I’m just lucky or if they’re that good but they have integrations for all of my favorite tools. Of course, I am floored by the WordPress integration but then there’s the integration to Active Campaign, Trello, Google Calendar, Google Analytics and Zap, just to name a few.

If you’re seeking an all in one solution to next level your marketing AND your productivity, test drive CoSchedule.  They offer a free trial.

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