Here are the tools I used to get started on a budget.

Don’t allow a tight budget to stop you from building your list.  When I started my business, I waited to start list building because I didn’t think I had enough money but a year later, I still felt like I didn’t have enough money.  I thought that I had to spend a lot of money to get started, WRONG.

Email marketing is something that you can continue to develop over time.  Start where you are, the benefits are well worth it! Imagine being able to build a relationship with a group of people that want to hear from you, not having to worry about a dry launch again and getting insight to new product/service offerings.  These are just a few benefits of email list building.

My startup list of tools included:

  • Email Service Provider (MailChimp/ActiveCampaign)
  • Word/Canva
  • Google drive
  • Landing Page
  • Social Media Platforms

Email Service Provider

I started with MailChimp as my email marketing provider.  It was and still is free but with limitations.  The great thing about MailChimp, besides the price, is the landing pages.  Landing pages weren’t included when I started list building.  Today I use ActiveCampaign, I like the features, it’s also user friendly and the cost fits my budget. The Lite version of ActiveCampaign, starts at $9 and increases as your number of subscribers increase.  Remember inside your email software is where the magic happens.  Take time to do your research and remember, you can migrate your list to another provider as your needs grow.


My first freebie/lead magnet was a checklist.  I used Microsoft Word but then redesigned it in Canva.  Canva has a free version and a work version, which is $12.95 monthly. I currently use the work version because I use Canva to design my freebies, social media posts, spotlight resumes and much more.

Google Drive

I use the google suite.  That’s hard to believe because when I worked in corporate, we only used Microsoft products.  The google drive is where I store my lead magnet (and everything else).  I create a shareable link and include it in the email sent to my subscribers when they join my list. Google drive is free.  You can get extra space and the suite for $5 per month.

Landing Page/Capture Page

The Landing page is where you capture your subscribers email information.  It is linked to your email service provider.  I started out with Leadpages and it is very user friendly and has really neat designs.  I had the standard version which cost me $37 per month.  I now use Thrive Architect, it is user friendly, works well with wordpress and integrates with my email service provider.  I paid a one-time fee of $67.  Keep in mind, I mentioned earlier that MailChimp (free) now has landing pages (free).

Social Media

Lastly, I used my social media platforms and website to share my freebie/lead magnet. Post the link to your landing page in as many places as possible.  If your audience is there, then your link should be there too!

The fact of the matter is, you can start your list with absolutely no money.  I know you don’t want to continue to leave money on the table and miss out on all the benefits.  So, go ahead and get started.

If you want to understand more of how all of this comes together, check out my FREE Webinar List Building From 0 to 100 and sign up for my email list.


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